Tomorrow, The Most Dangerous Word

I realize that for some people reading this that the title may be controversial at best. I am sure that some people may argue that there are other words more dangerous than the word “tomorrow,” and while I respect other people’s opinions, I simply disagree. I believe that the word “tomorrow” is the most dangerous …

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Desire Awakened

Today’s sermon was exactly what I needed to hear. I am constantly in awe at how God manages to reveal Himself…how He chooses to speak to my heart. I have been in fervent prayer over His will for my life. Each day I find myself pursuing Him more deeply than the day before. I am …

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God Walked Through The Blood (Part 1)

There are three areas of the Old Testament that I really enjoy reading…the story of Abraham, the story of Moses and the Exodus (I enjoy reading the entire book), and the story of David. With each of those key figures, God established covenants that are pivotal in scripture. In seminary they are referenced as Abrahamic, …

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