This is likely my last post for 2016, so I thought I would exit the year with an exciting topic.

In scripture, there are four Greek words that translate into a single English word…power. Now this is with a caveat in that there are many derivatives of these words, each with its own uniqueness in how it applies to one’s understanding of a particular verse. For the purposes of what I want to post here, though, I am limiting it to the four root words which are exousia, dunamis, kratos, and ischus. Continue reading →


I’m going to make this post very short because it also serves as the basis for many hours of sermons. However, because there is a disconnect with the actual translation of the word, I felt that something needed to be written here if for no other reason but to springboard into a longer post later.

The word Christ occurs almost 540 times in the New Testament (see Strong’s 5547 [Greek]). If the New Testament uses the word that many times, then there must be a reason for it, right? Often it is used either with Jesus’ name or it may be frequently found alone. So what does this word mean then? Continue reading →