Tomorrow, The Most Dangerous Word

I realize that for some people reading this that the title may be controversial at best. I am sure that some people may argue that there are other words more dangerous than the word “tomorrow,” and while I respect other people’s opinions, I simply disagree.

I believe that the word “tomorrow” is the most dangerous and most powerful lie the devil uses against humanity. Let me explain why… Continue reading →

Let Everything That Has Breath…

Today, I was doing a little yard work early in the morning.  In the distance I could hear one of the most unusual sounds I imagine one can hear.  It was the sound of the thirteen year locust.  They had been singing their mating calls for a couple of weeks already, but this morning the cacophony sounded in stark contrast to an otherwise still, quiet morning.

If you have never heard these creatures, from a distance their voices sound a little like the sounds of the Martian ships from the 1953 movie classic, The War of the Worlds.  It has an alien sound, and a friend of mine who had never heard them before actually referred to them in that context as if we were being invaded by an unknown species.  It is a high pitch “warble” that undulates in a peculiar frequency.  Perhaps these creatures are what inspired the Foley artists on that now infamous movie.  The alien sound contrasts significantly against how they sound up close.  It is a constant din that sounds like the whirling of a weed eater.

I’ve done the calculations. If someone lived to be 120, they will have only heard this sound thirteen times (fourteen if they heard it in the first three years of their lives). The locusts’ song does not last very long either…perhaps a month or so at most.  In a couple of weeks, they will die off, not to be heard from for another thirteen years.

In an Instant

Today, I was perusing vintage photos on Pinterest and stumbled onto one that was taken in July, 1975. It was a photo capturing what would be the final moments of life for a female in her mid-20’s after a young toddler and she fell when a fire escape collapsed while they were waiting to be rescued from an apartment fire. The child survived the fall, but she did not. Continue reading →

Germinating Faith

Recently I wrote to a dear, close friend of mine that I have been frustrated spiritually along many lines. I’ve been frustrated with myself whether I have been hearing from God correctly. If so, then why isn’t He moving as quickly as I want Him to? Is He actually moving in the first place, or am I just moving along in life just spinning my spiritual wheels, so to speak? If I am not hearing Him correctly, then where am I missing Him? Is it in everything that I believe I have heard Him in or is it in just certain things? Where is the delineation, and how do I find it? If I don’t know where it is broken…where I am and am not hearing Him, then how do I know how and when to act in the first place? How do I know when and where to move or to apply my faith? Can I apply faith correctly in the first place if I don’t know where to apply it? I mean certainly it seems to be a futile effort to put faith into something that isn’t from God in the first place.

But how do we as Christians know where that line is? It’s not like I suddenly “hear” something out of the blue in my spirit and randomly attribute it to God. I pray…hard and often for long periods of time. I hear in my spirit…I believe it…especially at the time I’m hearing it. Yet so many times, what I thought I heard never comes to pass. Then when one thing doesn’t, it sort of spirals out of control inside of me, and I begin to question whether I’ve heard from Him at all, and it inadvertently paralyzes me spiritually.

What’s even more frustrating is the fact that with everything in me I desire to hear from God on the most intimate of levels. My testimony includes a huge period of my life where I not only strayed away from God but completely all but abandoned Him. It was years later, and only by the grace of God, that I…the modern day prodigal son…finally realized what a spiritual cesspool I was wallowing in and turned back toward God. That process also took years, and I would love to say that it was not without missteps or utter rebellion as my sinful nature time and time again attempted to mimic the behavior of the world. I would love to say that in the instance that I began turning my spiritual compass toward Christ again that it always pointed me in the right direction. None of that is true. I am human just like everyone else, and I have my own faults, flaws, and failures that have proven as stumbling blocks in my journey with Christ. I think that everyone who is a Christian can relate to this.

Minute by Minute

The Latin phrase carpe diem means “seize the day”, and many people use it in reference to living life to its fullest now rather than continually looking for a better day in the future. However, my grandfather, who was a minister, once made an astute observation about this phrase. He said that instead of seizing the day, we needed to seize the moment…the instance that is immediately in front of us. There is nothing guaranteed for any given day, so “seizing it” is presumptuous. But, we can seize each moment of life that God gives us, minute by minute! Continue reading →