God Walked Through The Blood (Part 3)

You can read Part 1 or Part 2 if you have not already.

When I was meditating on the covenant that God made with Abraham, I was visualizing the broken pieces lying on the ground and the pool of blood that God walked through. This was the moment that the Holy Spirit shook me to my core with other imagery. He flashed forward in scripture to the very scene that I just described the day Jesus was executed. His body was broken, and His blood was spilled out.

 The moment that Jesus said, “It finished”, I think it referred to two things…His taking on the sins of the world and the curse of the law and that He had finally emptied out His blood in preparation for the covenant sacrifice for God. Once His blood was emptied, Jesus had set up the covenant ritual for God just like Abraham had done. Then after Jesus died, God walked in the blood of Jesus to make covenant with us, and He walked in it alone, just as He did with Abraham and swore by Himself on our behalf. As with Abraham, God entered into this covenant as the sole party and allowed us to be observers (through scripture) and to be recipients of the benefits of the covenant without our having to pledge ourselves in blood too!

This is the imagery that the Holy Spirit showed me. It connected the dots. It tied everything together between Old and New Testaments. It is why the author of Hebrews spoke of the covenant the way that he did. It is why Paul wrote about its effect in Galatians. It is why it is so vital that we Christians understand exactly what Jesus did, how He did it, and why He did it this way. Once you start seeing God walking in the blood of Jesus on your behalf, it changes the entire perspective. At least it did for me. Now, I have a clearer image of the Cross. When the enemy attacks me, I can also say that God walked in the blood for me! That is a much more powerful image than just imagining someone dying on a cross.

When we start seeing Jesus in this light, it makes the Lord’s Supper take on a completely new meaning. Let’s look at 1 Corinthians 11:23-26:

23 For I received from the Lord that which I also delivered to you: that the Lord Jesus on the same night in which He was betrayed took bread;
24 and when He had given thanks, He broke it and said, “Take, eat; this is My body which is broken for you; do this in remembrance of Me.”
25 In the same manner He also took the cup after supper, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in My blood. This do, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me.”
26 For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death till He comes. (NKJV, italics added for emphasis)

Notice the words in verse 24 where Jesus specifically said that His body was broken. In verse 25 He refers to the “new covenant” purchased in His blood. Can you see the correlation with this scripture and the one in Genesis 15 where Abraham broke the animals so that the blood could spill out so that God could walk in covenant with Him?

I prefer to call “The Lord’s Supper” as “The Lord’s Covenant” because it changes the context for me. It becomes more than a ritual that we occasionally do whereby we represent the death of Jesus. Instead it changes it to mean something much deeper and powerful. I think that is what is implied in verse 26 because when we are partaking of this, we are re-emphasizing the death of Jesus…which by definition means that we are also proclaiming the blood covenant that He sealed through His death. The two are inseparable. Hebrews makes that clear.

Now think back to when the earthquake happened right after Jesus died. I believe that is the moment when God walked in the blood of Jesus. When God showed up on Mount Horeb in Exodus 10 and 1 Kings 19, both times the mountain shook at the strength of His glory. It was an explosive scene because the earth could not contain itself in the presence of Almighty God! I think that is when God walked in the blood of Jesus, and it was finalized when Jesus ascended into the Holy of Holies in Heaven to offer it up as a final sacrifice.

In modern times, the concept of the covenant is often lost to just a description. This is especially true with Westerners. In other parts of the world, covenant practices are still kept, and the people in those regions understand its implications. Covenant was understood by the authors of the bible and by their respective audiences. This is why they fully embraced without question what God did through Jesus and the Cross. It is also why, I believe, that we saw more powerful manifestations of the Holy Spirit by the Church as a whole.

Never has there been a more needed time than now for Christians to return to the image of the blood covenant that Jesus established and start believing in the very things that that covenant provides for each of us. I believe more than ever that it is time that we revive the concept of covenant and start seeing Christ through that lens! I think that if more people did this, there would be fewer people being so self-centered, and I believe they would be more inclined to surrender completely to Christ. Life would be focused on what we could do in the name of Christ than what we planned to do for ourselves. People would start thinking about true commitment to Christ because they would want to. After all, who wouldn’t after the image of what Jesus went through getting to the Cross and how God walked through the blood of His Son after He was broken and spilled out for us? I cannot think of anything else that should motivate us more to die to self and live for Christ!

I also believe that if we started seeing Jesus in the light of covenant that we would start taking our birthrights as the children of God and start letting the Anointing take over in every aspect of our lives. This would be for our healing (physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, psychological, sexual, marital), our prosperity (meaning completely resolute that God will supply all of our needs whatever they may be), and for our deliverance (from any bondage or strongholds the devil might have on us). There would be a whole lot less fear and more absolute affirmation that God cannot lie nor can He fail. Why? Because He walked in the blood of Jesus and alone swore on His behalf! What could paint a more beautiful picture for us?

Instead of seeing things through doubt, fear, and unbelief as to whether God would come through in the clutch, it would be more like a mental checklist that we would just mark off where we absolutely know that God has it under control.

  • Need protection? Check.
  • Need your needs met? Check.
  • Need healing of some sort? Check.
  • Need peace of mind or comfort? Check.

Abraham understood that once God walked through the blood that what He promised was sealed forever. We Christians need to see it too. He is the same God, and He cannot lie (see Hebrews 6:18), nor can His word be rendered void and useless (see Isaiah 55:11)! Since everything God said must come true, that includes the promises of the New Testament on your behalf…and mine. If we see the God of the covenant walking through the blood of Jesus, then nothing becomes impossible and nothing becomes too big for Him to take care of. He is our Father, and we have been made co-heirs of Jesus Christ (see Romans 8:16-17). That means that we are sealed in His name forever with all of the rights, privileges, and rewards of having that name! Just like an adopted child does with his/her new family.

I don’t know about you, but the image of the Cross will never be the same for me. My outlook on the future is not the same now because of how I speak in reference to this covenant. God cannot fail, so that means that I have absolutely no reason to fear, worry, or doubt. All I have to do is just believe for the sake of Jesus’ blood and rest and wait on God to come through with His promises in His timing.

Jesus’ actions on the cross that day were much greater than just His dying for your sins. It was for the establishment of a much greater covenant whereby God would enjoin Himself on your behalf so that you could be redeemed from your sins and to have all the blessings of the Holy Spirit restored to you through the Anointing! This includes your healing, your peace, your happiness, your positive outlook on your future, your needs being met, and so much more!

If you aren’t doing it already, it is time that you start seeing yourself in the light of the covenant that Jesus established for you. Otherwise what happened to Jesus that day is little more than a murder to you! Never forget that God walked in the blood of Jesus for you, and never let the devil convince you that you are deserving of anything less than what Jesus paid for with that covenant!

If you start doing this, it will change your life! It will change your entire outlook on your future. It will make you rethink your commitment to Christ and how you want to spend your life pleasing Him.

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