Major Revamps

That being said, as I was revamping this blog I found that roughly half of the posts were personal, which sort of surprised me that they were so evenly split. At the same time, I had set up a private personal growth blog, and I had no posts in it. In other words, everything was going into this blog, while neglecting the purpose of the other blog. So I set about splitting the posts up into their respective blogs. Unfortunately because of a limitation with WordPress, I lost all of the comments that people had posted on them, but it still needed to be done.

I began changing the designs of both blogs with the idea of future expansion needs in mind. Not all WordPress themes support all types of blog posts. For those who don’t know, at the time you post something here, you can designate what type it is. These pretty much fall under the “standard” format, but there are others specific for audio or video content as well as other types that I felt would be important for the ministry later down the road. I have also felt that God would have others write for this blog other than just me, and the older format just didn’t lend itself to that paradigm very well. I think this new one allows for the addition of future writers very easily.

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