Early Morning Shave

So off it went, to which He actually said, “Thank you”! I was still laughing and actually having a good casual conversation with God even in those early morning hours. However, during that conversation, He also shared something with me that I had not thought of.

You see, God has called me into youth ministry, at least in part, and the vision He gave me a couple of years ago is specifically geared toward reaching the next generation. Right after I shaved it off (which is when he said it made me look old) He said that He wanted to use that youthfulness that He had blessed me with to bridge the gap with them, and the beard actually made me look too disconnected from them. The youthfulness would actually help them relate to me rather than making me seem like their father or an elder in their church.

Something else that I took away from all of that was the “I don’t like your beard” is phrased exactly the same way that your closest friend would talk to you. You expect them to be blunt and open and honest in their opinion…not holding back something because they are afraid of how you’ll take it. That’s the reason why they are your closest friends…because you know you can have that openness in the relationship. God spoke that way to Abraham and to Moses, according to scripture, and scripture also says that He doesn’t favor one of His children over another. So the fact that God was speaking to me that way was actually pretty freaking amazing honestly.

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