Early Morning Shave

“I don’t like your beard.”

There was no lead in. There were no punches held back. It was just as blatant as could be. “I don’t like your beard.” He could have said something like, “I wish you would cut your beard off” and been more diplomatic about it, and truthfully He did coin a similar phrase later. But the initial statement was just a matter-of-fact, dry witted, off-handed remark.

I was kind of shocked and amused at the same time. I had never heard of God having an opinion on someone’s facial hair. Never have I heard it mentioned in a sermon or written in any of the spiritual books I have read. Nowhere, had I ever heard of such. Yet, God had strong opinions concerning mine. He didn’t like it. I heard that, and I know I didn’t make it up because I actually liked the beard.

It bemused me to the point that I actually started laughing a little. Of all the things in the universe going on, here was the Holy Spirit weighing in on what He thought of my beard! And He obviously had strong opinions on it, too, because He asked me to cut it off at first light. He even went on to say that it made me look old. Apparently, my attempts to reverse the look of youthfulness had gone too far the other way, and He didn’t like it.

Still chuckling, I started getting the razor and shaving cream ready…at 4 A.M.! He reiterated that I could wait until morning, but I said,

“Lord, if it really bothers you that much, then I will get rid of it now.

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