Early Morning Shave

My most recent attempt was earlier this summer. I wasn’t having allergy issues this year like last, so I decided for a repeat. I sculpted it carefully and let it grow. However, because of my previous failures, I actually had people engaging in a betting pool as to how long it would take before I would shave it off. That was a bit of a sobering thought, honestly. That those who knew me best were actually betting on when I would fail to follow through on the beard.

If anything, that made me dig in even more, and I was determined that I was going to surpass all of the expectations. Hmmph, what did they know anyway, right? So I set out with a singular course of action to grow this. At this point, it wasn’t a matter of whether I actually wanted it any more. It was just sheer determination (and a bit of male ego mixed in for good measure) fueling the drive to grow this beard out.

Now I need to set up some things before continuing. I was having a hard time sleeping this year, so I would often spend time reading scripture or listening to sermons in the early morning hours when most people are sleeping (insert jealousy here). It was not uncommon for me to get only a few short hours of sleep…well below the 7½ – 9 hours that are recommended. I just couldn’t sleep.

So one morning, I suppose about 0400, I got up from where I was sitting in my bedroom to get something from the kitchen. As I was returning, I made it almost to the bedroom door when I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit (inside my spirit, not audibly) say these words to me…

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