One Man’s Treasure

One day a very wealthy man died and went home to be with the Lord. Immediately, he began bargaining with God about taking something to Heaven with Him. The Lord told him that he’d have to leave everything behind.

Adamantly, the man stood his ground and kept hounding God about taking something with him. They went round and round, back and forth until finally the Father, weary of the fight, agreed. God said, “If it will get you to stop arguing, you can bring one bag with you.”

The man, now happy he’d won, got to the pearly gates, where he was met by Saint Peter. Peter also began to argue with the man telling him that he couldn’t take anything into Heaven.

Again, the man stood his ground and told Peter that he had special permission to bring his one bag into Heaven with him. The two argued for a while until the man told Peter to call God and ask Him. So Peter called the Throne Room to double check, and after a short time returned to continue the conversation with the new arrival.

“Well,” he said scratching his head, “I’ve never seen this before but the Father said it was OK, and if it’s OK with Him, then it’s OK with me.” So he let the man into Heaven carrying his bag.

The man proudly carried it under his arm. After all, he was the only one to pull off such a feat. News of his arrival and his possession quickly carried through all of Heaven. People stopped to stare at him as he walked past them.

Finally, the apostle Paul came up and started talking with him.

“Sir, I hope you don’t mind, but it is no secret what you’ve managed to accomplish. Never before has the Father ever let anyone come into Heaven with anything, much less a bag full of something. Would you mind, please, if I took a look at what was in your bag?”

The man, who was grinning ear to ear, was eager to show off his wares. “Why no, not at all. I don’t mind a bit,” he said. So he quickly opened up the bag and presented it to Paul.

When Paul looked into the bag, it was filled with solid gold bricks.

Paul, who had a puzzled look on his face, checked the bag two more times before speaking again.

“Uh, Sir? Why did you bring pavement?”

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