Time Wasters

I will encourage you to pray hard for wisdom in this area. It is not easy to do. I promise that I didn’t get it right all the time, and sometimes I still get it wrong. But I have learned not to let the devil waste my time with trivial things. Hence why I won’t get into a religious debate with someone and why I will eventually walk away or just quit responding on social media…when I eventually see that I’m chasing a small fire or arguing with a fool. I have a bigger calling and purpose, which is in the ministry. I come at a higher price than strife with someone! I am determined to keep my focus on the bigger picture and let God take care of the rest. I have already seen it work, and I know that it has minimized the opportunities for the devil to capture me through strife (see 2 Timothy 2:23-26). I have diligently been working to protect my mind and to think on the things we are commanded to in Philippians 4:8, and it does work.

Don’t let the devil put a time waster in your pathway. Keep your own eyes on God’s purpose for which you have been called.

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