Time Wasters

After defending my friend, I got notifications that these women had responded to different things. I made the mistake of clicking on one of them, but fortunately it was where one had replied with a “tell me where that is found in the Gospels” kind of thing. That one was in reference to a statement she had made in Acts and was not directly associated with my friend. However, for my posts defending my friend, I had notifications that the other woman had responded not once…not twice…but five times to my tweets.

When I got the notifications, the first thing that I wanted to do was read them. You know…not answer them, but read them just to see what she had to say. God brought to mind, though, what those pastors had said about the fires, and I began wondering, “What is the point of reading them?” especially if I had no intent to do anything with them. Was it to see if someone had written something ugly about me, and if so then why bother? Why give the devil a chance to upset me with the venom they were apt to spew? I had already seen it on their pages. I had visited their profiles to see what kind of things they posted, and they were critical of pretty much everyone but themselves. I had already witnessed them directly assaulting my friend. Why on earth would I subject myself to that same barrage against my mind and possibly my emotions?

Now here is where discipline and determination comes in. More like being resolute not to allow the devil to have a foothold. I deleted the notifications and never read the tweets. I didn’t care if they had written an apology or something hateful. I was determined to leave that up to God. It was not easy though because I really wanted to read their responses, but God was protecting my mind and emotions from their attacks. I just had to be obedient to His instruction to stay away from them. For certain, those women needed a healthy dose of the Word working in them, but that was way above my pay grade.

That wasn’t my responsibility to change them. That is the Holy Spirit’s, and if more people would get that through their thick, religious skulls, there would be a lot less strife in this world. It isn’t my job to change someone who is lost or living a lifestyle that isn’t pleasing to Christ. It isn’t my job to judge someone and effect a change in their lives. My job is to minister the Word and to love them…to forgive them 1,000 times if necessary. It is my job to pray for them and to ask the Holy Spirit to intervene where He needs to. Whether that happens or not is entirely depending upon them, but at least I will have done my part. Otherwise, I am no better than those who judge others in the name of Christ.

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