Time Wasters

Mark 4:18-19 says that one of the ways that the devil distracts us is by the “cares of this world.” A couple of verses earlier, Jesus says that another way that the devil distracts us is through offense (see Mark 4:16-17). In other words, he uses things to waste our time to keep us off the bigger picture. That is especially true for those who have a genuine heart for God who want to fulfill His purpose in their lives. Notice that the devil attacks the Word in both situations too.

This past week, a dear sister who I know loves Jesus with all her heart, came under attack in this very manner. Two of her Twitter contacts took it upon themselves to rip into her over posts she had been making. These posts were innocent ones meant to encourage and uplift people where she mentioned God’s infinite love and grace and how He sees us as His children. Because my friend’s exact wording didn’t line up with their religious doctrine, these women ganged up with reckless abandon. What was more saddening is that they used references from the Scripture and then acted like judge and jury with how it was applied to my friend. To compound the issue, instead of just using scripture in their admonishments, the assaults turned personal…attacking how my friend looked and even going so far as to say that she was not a Christian! Talk about your total arrogance and lack of love! These women did what so many other Christians do…they allowed themselves to be used by the devil to attack and distract other Christians. Have you ever noticed that the ones that are often able to hit your buttons the hardest are the ones closest to you or worse, others who profess to serve the same God that I do? Think about that and ask yourself if that is a coincidence.

I rarely engage people on social media, especially where religious ideology is concerned. In this case, though, I felt that I needed to speak my mind. For one thing, this sweet friend of mine was just being ripped apart, and you could tell that it was taking its toll on her. Her only response to them was not in anger or bitterness but was more like “I hope you feel better about yourselves” for making those comments. You could read in between the lines that the devil was doing his best to use what they were saying to make her feel worse, and she had already been going through a lot of other spiritual attacks in recent months. No one was coming to her defense in the middle of all this. My personality type doesn’t sit well with that. Secondly, these women were so bombastic, and I felt that at least someone should speak truth to them, which is exactly what I did. I invited them to read Matthew 7 again where Jesus commanded us not to judge anyone else. Even Jesus said that He had not been sent to judge but that that was the Word’s job!

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