Too Much Information

Last week, I finally did it. I broke the Facebook tether. I found no further use for it personally. Over this past year of elections, Supreme Court rulings, and social hot button issues, it had become nothing but an electronic cesspool that constantly filled my mind with garbage.

I’m not talking about the random news feeds or trending topics; though, those were usually nothing uplifting either. I am talking about how Facebook became a forum for asserting “expert” opinions on every topic (whether or not someone was qualified to speak on such topics), and often did so without an ounce of civility or decency. This summer, friends whom I have known for a long time revealed sides to them that I had never known lurked within them, particularly along the issues of the elections. Every day, my news feed was filled with so much trash that it became difficult to sift through to the rare few posts that were actually fun to read.

I grew weary of logging in. I actually dreaded it. I kept hanging onto it because I had convinced myself that that was the only way to stay in contact with certain friends. But then again, were they really my friends? Don’t get me wrong. I knew them…some better than others. However, what good is it to have a high friend count if the majority of them don’t actually reach out to you?


Published by

Edward Lollar

I dearly love Jesus Christ with all my heart, soul, and strength. He is my everything and my reason for living. He comes first in my life above all other things.

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