Blog Purpose

After much thought and prayer, I think that writing from my own voice and perspective will allow readers to relate to the topic more personally. As God brings others to write, their voice will be heard the same way. Ministry is so much more than standing in front of an audience “pushing” the Word. It’s about relationship with the ones to whom we are speaking. It’s not about “bible thumping” but about helping others to understand how to apply the Word to their lives over whatever situation they are going through.

I think that’s where many ministries their way. They have focused so heavily on the letter of the law and not on administering grace and love. That’s exactly what the Pharisees were doing during Jesus’ day, and He chastised them repeatedly because of it. He wanted them to understand that there was more than just the recitation of the scriptures but was the application of them in our lives.

I digress though…

I would ask that you pray, please for this ministry, for the authors who write for this blog, and for God to be able to use it to touch people’s lives all around the world. I would ask that you please have patience with us, as the blog may (and probably will) continue to undergo changes. We just Jesus to be glorified in everything we do. Please check back frequently to see what exciting posts or changes God has led us to do for you.

Thank you, in advance, for your prayers, patience, support, and love. May God bless you richly in every way possible.


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