Blog Purpose

For some time, I have been trying to figure out how God wanted to use this blog. I’ve been trying to answer several questions. Who is the intended audience? What is that He wants to say and more importantly why? Does He want it written in first person voice where it is more personal, or does He see it written in objective, third-person voice? What happens if He leads other people to contribute to the blog (which honestly I hope happens as the blog expands)?

I do not want this to be a series of posts that touch on a lot of random topics. I want it to be real and alive. I want lives to be touched from reading it. It is my sincerest desire that this impacts the world. The biggest question, though, is exactly how do we do this?

Every since I started this journey, the blogs have been in a state of continual change. I mean that I want this to be the “official” voice of the ministry, but I also want it to be personable that people can relate to in their own lives…not just a bunch of disconnected words on the screen. Too many people are in the ministry who are doing just that! They stand in the pulpit or on the street corners preaching loudly, yet their voices remain unheard. I don’t want that with this blog.

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